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Hey guys nice to meet you all.


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Just wanted to introduce myself. 

Originally I'm from Pakistan. I have always been enamoured with nordic countries and will probably move to either Norway or Finland.

Ingmar bergman, tube food, pippi longstocking, the IKEA frog, the concept of lagom and smorgasbord and midsommar and kannebullar and all that.

6'4. 7-8" length cock. Currently working on figuring this site out.

I had some local experience here but wanted more.

So the mix of my desires in cuckolding couples and nordic countries lead me here lol.

Afterwards i went out in search of most cuckold websites in Scandinavia bit couldn't find many at all. So I would appreciate your help if you had some recommendations other than this one. Websites. Forums. Anythinf.

Ideally I would do cuckolding here later because I'm working on learning my norwegian but would love to get to know and make friends here beforehand.



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